About Me



Hi I’m Brianna Reyes.

I am 20 years old and I am a true California  girl at heart. I am a lover of people and am guilty of talking WAY too much at times. I have a very special talent, I can sing and dance to pretty much any Justin Bieber song out there. My other interests include the beach, dance, watercolor painting, boba, vegan food and photography of course!

From a very young age I have been fascinated with the essence of capturing precious moments and freezing them in time. To me, pictures should piece together a story while emitting a strong sense of authentic love and happiness.

If I were to describe my style I would say it’s “creative” but yet “classic” with lots of rich and vibrant color. My photography approach is definitely far from “cookie cutter” or posed. I focus on making my subjects personality shine through, whether that be through playing music, hearing my lame jokes, bribing with candy or any other methods.

I am currently based in Whittier, California but am always ready for adventures anywhere!

Now that you know a little about me, I would love to hear about YOU! Please use the contact form or email me directly so we can make both of our photographic dreams come true.